Golden Bloom & The Motion Sick want your ART!
Golden Bloom and The Motion Sick have gone head-to-head releasing a split 7" with:
Golden Bloom covering The Motion Sick's "30 Lives"
The Motion Sick covering Golden Bloom's "Doomsday Devices"
You can help decide the outcome of this clash of the titans by designing the artwork!

Contest Rules & Regulations

*All entries must follow the artwork specifications outlined by United Record Pressing and must be formatted to fit United Record Pressing's 7" Fold-Over template (.pdf) (.eps)

*All entries must contain the text
"Golden Bloom vs. The Motion Sick" and "30 Lives" on one side and "The Motion Sick vs. Golden Bloom" and "Doomsday Devices" on the other.


Grand Prize - $100, your artwork used for split single, plus a deluxe autographed prize package of albums and merch from GB & TMS

Runner Up - a deluxe autographed prize package

All Entries will receive a FREE copy of the Golden Bloom Vs. The Motion Sick split 7"

*Deadline for entry is Dec. 15th, 2009.
email submissions along with your name and mailing address to
or upload via the form at

*By submitting artwork you grant Golden Bloom, The Motion Sick and their associates the transferable right to reproduce your submission for any use worldwide in perpetuity without compensation (note: winner will be required to sign a transfer of copyright form).


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